About Us

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The Athlete Specialists

We’re not just a club. We’re a vibrant community of athletes and weekend warriors, that share the joy of training, competing, and simply moving. We offer the motivation, coaching, training programs, and resources needed to help you maximize every step towards your desired objective. It’s a culture that promotes enhancing your performance and a step by step approach to living. It’s the difference that will make the difference in you, your result and your life.
Sky Athletics Club was created by Coach Khoo Zhihao, Sky in Aug 2018. Our focus is on building a non-traditional athletics club centered on serving members and the community through an athletics system suitable to athletes’ evolving needs.
Based on dictionary, an athlete is someone who is proficient in sports and other forms of physical exercise.
We believe in building not only just an athlete, but also in building an all rounded human being

Our Mission: To provide a development and support system that prepares anyone regardless of age, ability, or experience for success in competitive or recreational athletics.

Our vision: To create a respectable athletic club of choice by being the athlete specialists in Singapore

We promote training and participation in competitive and recreational Track and Field, Cross Country, Road Running, and Race Walking events. The coaching, training, and support we provide empower those wanting to run or walk for sport, fitness, or fun.

We offer:

  • Weekly training sessions
  • Specialized training programs
  • Weekly and monthly group runs/walks
  • Quality coaching
  • Competition and challenges
  • Fitness Camps
  • Members forum
  • Social events

We maintain a friendly and supportive environment to motivate our members to pursue their goals and maximize their performance towards the podium.
We welcome everyone to join our club. Whether you are new to running, an elite athlete, or just want to stay fit, we always have a place and plan for you.